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This is gorgeous. I tend to find that domestic Dean and Cas ends up too 1950s housewife-y…if you know what I mean. But this. This is just wonderful. And I legitimately teared up at the thought of them this happy and comfortable. 4 for you!

I know exactly what you mean! And I like those mostly but they can seem a bit au to me. I love the thought of them taking care of each other and doing domestic things but I don’t really think either of them would be completely domestic ever. If that makes sense? Well unless Cas became human than I can see him being that way. omg I just gave myself more feelings kill me 

sdkfjshdfjdsf thank you so much! That actually means a lot to me because I almost didn’t post it. I just started writing because I was overwhelmed with the thought and needed to get it out somehow. Ugh, I want them to be that happy and comfortable. So badly. I cried writing it too. lol Thank you again sweetheart! <3

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