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What if when Dean found Cas in purgatory, he was so happy and he couldn't help himself and kissed him. And despite all the promises Cas made to himself to distance himself from Dean, to stay rigid and cold, he couldn't help but melt into him. And there they were, Human and Angel, the two things that never belonged in purgatory, sharing something so simple, yet so powerful. And when they pull apart, they just stare at each other, saying everything they need to in silence.

And Benny is just there awkwardly standing guard and trying to figuring out how to look anywhere but at Dean and Cas making out.

Awwww this is so cute! And poor Benny, dumbstruck by the sight of their passion and need and not knowing what to do with himself. 

But what if that’s what really happened and somehow Naomi changed both their memories? jshksdjfhsdkjhf I love this and I want this to be real so badly. 

  1. youcankissmycas said: "He cares about you brother" or maybe he just didn’t know Cas erased his memory and Benny’s confused as to why Dean’s being all angsty about Cas because HELLO THEY MADE OUT IN PURGATORY and he voices this because "brother, you are THICK IN THE HEAD".
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